Tuesday Tunesday: Live Life Like It’s Golden


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Just off the heels of yesterday’s post, I’ve been reflecting a lot about what it means to not only think about the life you want, but also actually go out and create it. That’s not an easy feat. If I’m being completely honest, it’s downright difficult and takes a lot of guts to drop everything and start over. But I think once we get over our fears, once we take a chance and go after exactly what we want, we’ll realize we weren’t really living before and discover the risk to living life like it’s golden is worthwhile. We just have to leap…

Here are five songs I hope will inspire you to do just that:
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Tuesday Tunesday: Songs for a Revolution

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Tired feet marched on hard concrete. Colorful and condemning signs took up more space than bodies. Chants and passionate pleas for justice, freedom, and equality competed against honking cars and opposing views. These are the sounds of a revolution. It’s oftentimes unpleasant. It’s both time and energy consuming. It’s never easy, but most things that matter never are. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’re currently living in a time filled with trials and tension, and this moment is the start of a revolution. When we feel downtrodden, hopeless, tired, and eager to resign, which we will, let us not lose the hope and courage necessary to keep up the good fight. Take a listen to a few of my favorite revolutionary tunes (both old and new) that will encourage you to keep marching on!

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Tuesday Tunesday: Celebrating You


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Happy Tunesday, friends! I hope everyone had a productive and reflective Martin Luther King Day yesterday. Much of my day was spent thinking about my life, who I am, and who I hope to become. And so much of my identity is undoubtedly tied to and shaped by every person I’ve encountered and ounce of media I’ve consumed. The way I see myself and the way I have lived and continue to live my life is directly influenced by society, and thankfully I’ve managed to surround myself with positive influences. Whether they are television shows that tell a different narrative that more accurately reflects my own positive upbringing or songs that empower and encourage me to be the unique person I am, I have made (and I’d say my parents have, too) the intentional decision to be, well, me. In a world that constantly tries to put us in a box or force us to be someone we’re not, my hope is that we’ll (continue to) push against the grain, embrace who we are, and celebrate what makes us, us. Here are a few songs I’ve listened to over the years that have helped me do just that!

What songs have empowered you to celebrate your individuality? Comment below! 
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Tuesday Tunesday: Don’t Give Up


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Happy Tunesday, friends! If you started school today or will start later this week, I’m sending nothing but positive vibes your way. I’ll admit, it was super rough for me to get to sleep at a reasonable hour last night let alone wake up at, what felt like, the crack of dawn this morning. I don’t drink coffee and am not much of a caffeine fan, so nothing picks me up in the morning quite like good music. It could be anyone from Rihanna or One Direction to the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Elevation Worship. I know, I know. That’s such a mixed bag, but I’ve always had eclectic tastes in music, and this morning was no different.


When selecting music to start my day, I try to find tunes that will inspire me and give me that extra boost of confidence when I’m running low on sleep and energy. This morning’s tune was a perfect balance of fun and encouragement, reminding me to never give up and that I’m the greatest. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way after giving it a listen.

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Tuesday Tunesday: Holiday Hits


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Have a holly jolly Christmas! It’s the best time of the year–or at least I think so! As much as I love the fall, Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday season, and what’s not to love? The beautiful decor, the festive films, and, most importantly, the feel-good tunes. I don’t know about you, but holiday music puts me in the most wonderful mood! Sure, there are a few songs that have become overplayed and clichéd, but the essence of every song is ultimately the same, and while presents are awesome (I mean, who doesn’t like to receive gifts?), holiday songs remind us of the real reason behind this holiday season: to spread peace on earth and joy to the world. So, whether you’re feeling like a Grinch or have been blasting holiday music since Thanksgiving (like me), hopefully these contemporary and traditional tunes will have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree in no time!

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Tuesday Tunesday: My Shot!

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Theater has always been a huge part of my life. I can vividly remember putting on plays for my family members and forcing them to attend, sitting on the steps at home belting out lyrics from The Bodyguard, playing Mrs. Potts in my elementary school’s production of Beauty and the Beast, performing in my high school’s production of Man of La Mancha, and falling deeply in love with Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge. It wasn’t until Wicked came to Chicago, however, that I realized just how magical the theater really was and is. Ever since Elphaba soared above my head and both literally and figuratively defied gravity, sending chills up and down my spine, I’ve been obsessed and have jumped at every possible chance to see a live musical. The Lion King? Check! Kinky Boots? Check! The Book of Mormon? Check! And the one I think we’ve all been waiting for…Hamilton! Listen, March 7, 2017 can’t come soon enough.  Continue reading “Tuesday Tunesday: My Shot!”

Tuesday Tunesday: Keep Breathing

328. Three. Two. Eight. Three hundred and twenty-eight. That’s the number of times (give or take) I’ve played Ingrid Michaelson’s “Keep Breathing” (Be Ok, 2008). First heard on Grey’s Anatomy when Cristina realizes Burke not only called off the wedding, but also left her for good (Season 3, Episode 25 “Didn’t We Almost Have it All?“), this seems to be my go-to song, especially when it feels like the world is falling apart. Whether you’re feeling anxious, depressed, moved to act, but paralyzed by fear, Michaelson’s lyrics beautifully and soothingly remind us that “all we can do is keep breathing.” She inspires us to breathe, calm ourselves, and take life one step at a time. Sometimes that’s all you can do, and that’s more than enough. What are you listening to? Comment below!

Tuesday Tunesday: The Perfect Presidential Playlist

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Happy Tunesday, friends! On today’s special edition, we’re singing all things presidential. This has been a long journey. It hasn’t been paved in gold. It hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been downright exhausting, frustrating, and even depressing–but here we are. We’ve finally made it to election day. So, as you head to the polls, exercise your right to vote thoughtfully and consciously, and anxiously await the results that will ultimately change your life for better or worst, know what’s on the line, know who stands for what, and know that your vote matters! Most of all, know that whatever happens, we’re gonna make it…together. United we stand. Divided we fall. Don’t give up. Check out our Perfect Presidential Playlist, and let us know what tunes you’re listening to today! Comment below.

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Tuesday Tunesday: Anti-Bullying

Happy 2nd Tunesday, friends! In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, I thought I’d share three very important songs that have gotten me through some pretty tough and dark days. Life can be more difficult than it should be, especially when you’re in high school. You may deal with insensitive, mean-spirited individuals in the classroom, on the field, and maybe even at home. The reality is that there will always be people who target individuals for a number of reasons: they’re insecure, unhappy, jealous, or just plain heartless, but the older you get, the more you realize their cause of their behavior is more about them and less about you. Furthermore, you develop better coping strategies, realize you’re awesome, and understand that your worth and value is not dependent on anyone! It takes time, patience, and determination to get to this point, so in the midst of feeling marginalized, pained, sad, afraid, hopeless, and misunderstood, take a listen to these songs. Hopefully, they’ll be the reminders you need to get through it all.

What songs do you listen to when you’re having a rough time? Comment below!

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Tuesday Tunesday: 24K Magic


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Happy Tuesday, friends! Every Tuesday, one of my classes (shout out to 6th period) selects a few individuals to share songs they’re listening to and loving, so I thought I’d do the same here. Music is my life–that’s not an exaggeration. I actually wrote about music for my college essay because it’s so influential and powerful. Music changes lives. Music unites people. Music provides peace and solace. Music reminds you that you’re not alone. Music matters, so why not share it with the world, right?

Today’s featured artist is Bruno Mars. Born Peter Gene Hernandez, Mars rose to fame in 2010 with his hit song “Just the Way You Are,” and has since received numerous awards and acclaim including four Grammys. In 2015, he took a short break to work on his third studio album, 24K Magic, which is set to release November 18th. Bruno Mars has such great style that harkens back to a funky era nearly forgotten. His music is catchy, but not corny. Fun, yet innovative. He doesn’t sacrifice meaningful lyrics for a sick beat. He’s able to balance it all, and have a party while doing it! So, while we await his next album, let’s dance and groove to today’s tune: “24K Magic.” Enjoy! What are you listening to? Comment below!