Motivational Monday: Roll Down Your Window


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I’m a huge entertainment buff. Actually, that’s probably an understatement. From movies to music, I pretty much love it all! This love runs so deep that my mom used to call me a walking TV Guide (which makes me sound so old and out of touch, haha). You see, before there was a “guide” option on Comcast or Direct TV remotes, you had to check the newspaper each night or closely watch the TV Guide channel without missing the one for which you were waiting. That was literally the worst because if you missed the channel you were looking for, you had to start from the top and wait for it to scroll by (first world problems, I know). In any case, I was so addicted to the screen, I could walk into a room and name the title, actors, and maybe provide a few facts. That was my thing. It still is.

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Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Friday Findings

img_4043Happy Friday, friends! We are just ONEEEEEEEE week away from winter break. Am I the only one crawling towards the finish line? Between studying, writing, and so many other commitments, I know we’re all looking forward to a nice, long break from school. Hopefully, this week’s Friday Findings will help you power through.

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