Wellness Wednesday: BoosterBuddy


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Happy Wednesday, friends! On this edition of Wellness Wendesday, we’re once again looking at the intersection between technology and wellness, this time at an iPhone and Android-friendly app called BoosterBuddy, a free app dedicated to improving young people’s mental health. BoosterBuddy first made its appearance in 2014, and has since garnered 31 MILLION Facebook likes! In fact, 95% of people who’ve tested the app found it to be very helpful, fun, and easy to use. So, what does it do, exactly?

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Wellness Wednesday: Just Breathe

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For months and months, I weighed the costs and benefits of purchasing the latest Apple Watch. I did my research, watched videos, and conducted one-on-one interviews with Apple Watch owners. This may sound pretty outrageous, but if you know me, you know this is the type of homework I enjoy doing. I’m a list maker, a pro/con dependent who makes decisions once I feel comfortable and confident. Going through life this way may feel a bit unnecessary and even overwhelming, but I must admit combing through things with a fine-toothed comb has, ironically, made my life simpler and easier. Which brings me back to the Apple Watch. After mulling this investment over, because, let’s face it, purchasing anything from Apple is an investment, I chose to take the plunge and add to my growing collection of Apple products. Exactly one month in, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision for a number of reasons, and they all point to wellness.

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Kermit Says: Be an Effective Communicator

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 We’re living in an era where capturing moments using our phones is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us.

April and May are very busy times for teachers and students alike. It’s a time of developing and completing end-of-the-year assignments, finding the perfect prom and graduation outfits, and planning a well-deserved summer break. With so much left to do in your own lives, it often feels like there’s very little time for anything or anyone else. Friends and colleagues you’d see everyday now seem like ghosts of people you used to know. In the last few weeks, I’ve even heard stories of how busy husbands, busy wives, and even busy siblings don’t see or talk to each other for nearly a week…and they live together! Similarly, have you ever walked passed a friend and asked them how they’re doing, only to continue walking as they respond? Or vice versa? I can admit it’s happened recently more often than not, which makes me wonder: are we that busy that we can’t even greet one another and…talk?

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