Tuesday Tunesday: Summertime Madness


Happy Tunesday, friends! Can you believe it’s already August??? Where did the summer, no, where did the year go??? It seems like just yesterday, I was ringing in a new year, and now we’re eight months in with just four to go. It’s insane! Ferris Bueller was right–

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Whether you realize it or not, school resumes for some of you this month and for most of you next month. We are officially in countdown mode to the end of the summer, so what better way to kick off the first Tunesday of August than with a few of my favorite summer tunes. Slow down, look around, take it all in. Pull out your best flotation device, lounge in the pool, click play, and don’t miss a thing because you can never get it back if you do. What are you listening to this summer? Comment below!
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Kermit Says: This Is The Start of Something New

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Kermit Says… is back, and we missed you all terribly! My team and I hope you had a fantastic summer and we’d love to hear all about it, so feel free to reminisce about your favorite parts and send them in so we can live vicariously through you!

Now, whether you returned to school nearly a month ago or, you’re like me, and it’s only been one week, summer vacation is o.v.e.r and a new school year has officially begun. I know, I know, no more days where you’re late-to-go-to-bed-and-late-to-rise. No more afternoons at the beach. No more ice cream until your brain freezes—well, maybe not that last one. The end of summer vacation means the end of a lot of fun things, but if we remain positive and optimistic, then this new academic year could mean the start of something new (yes, that was a High School Musical reference).

All jokes aside, a new school year provides another chance to be your best self. Heck, it’s a chance to reinvent yourself altogether. A new school year is like the first snow—completely untouched, fresh, new, pure, and ready for you to do with it what you will. You can either watch it from a distance and let it ruin your moment or you can make a plan of attack and (literally) dive in. How will you approach this new school year? What goals do you want to achieve? Where would you like to see yourself by the end of the quarter, semester, or year? Comment below or send an email to contactkermitsays@gmail.com.

Let’s make this new school year BETTER than the last!

Kermit Says: Be Right Back!

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I’m taking a bit of a hiatus to enjoy the summer, and plan to post periodically. Regularly scheduled once-a-week posts will resume in August. Until then, feel free to comment or send requests to contactkermitsays@gmail.com, and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Be well!