Kermit Says: Take Care of You, Boo!

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Between runny noses, puffy eyes, and itchy throats, I am two sneezes away from locking myself in a giant hazmat suit. Just call me “bubble girl” because I need a protective shield to prevent those pesky germs from seeping into my pores. Alright, alright, I know I’m being dramatic, but when half of your students are suffering from the flu and the other half are battling a stomach bug, it’s okay to be on edge. Agreed? Just last week I had a student who was, quite honestly, close to coughing up a lung. When I encouraged him to return to his room to rest and recoup, he decided against it and (painfully) forged ahead. So, what is it about this time of year when everyone gets sick at once and no one wants to stay in the health center and miss class? When did getting good grades outweigh getting healthy? When did taking care of yourself become a sign of weakness?

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Kermit Says: Be Balanced

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Red, puffy eyes. Uncontrollable yawns. Broken alarm clocks. Sound familiar? It certainly does to me! We’re approaching the end of our first month of the school year, and I don’t know about you, but students (and faculty) are already pooped! #tgif

In just a few short weeks, I’ve heard a number of moans, groans, and petitions for required nap time, and so I find myself wondering from where such lethargy comes? In such a busy world as boarding school life is, students and faculty are required to juggle adequate sleep, work, sports, clubs, extracurricular activities, meetings, three healthy meals, class, and personal downtime. Are there even enough hours in each day to devote time and energy to every single commitment without forgetting what matters most: YOU? In the midst of reflecting on such feelings, a student recently approached me wondering the very same thing. With an air of curiosity, she asked me how I take time for myself?

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