Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Friday Findings

img_4043Happy, happy Friday, friends! Give yourselves a pat on the back and a warm embrace because you have successfully made it to this week’s finish line. Congratulations to you! For those of you who resumed school on Monday, I’m sure it was especially challenging to get to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up early and alert for class. For those of you still on or just starting your Spring Break, enjoy it! Our break ended on Monday, but I’ve been chaperoning a class retreat since Wednesday, so it’s kind of the best of both worlds: I’m in school, but not. Regardless of where you find yourselves on the spectrum, take a break from whatever it is you’re doing and check out some of these incredible finds from the week.

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Kermit Says: Refuel Your (Metaphorical) Tank

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Every Sunday night, my high school principal sends a beautifully crafted email of encouragement and wisdom to the faculty. Of course there’s pertinent information as well, mostly updates and important dates to remember, but at the heart of her messages are words of inspiration—and this week’s was no different. Just three days ago, I received an email that reminded my colleagues and me of the importance of self-care. We’re one week shy of midterms (insane!!!), and finally halfway through the longest term of the school year. Faculty members have been trucking away like trains on a track, turning our wheels faster and faster, not breaking, not stopping, and not resting since we started orientation and planning week in August. We’re exhausted, sleep-deprived, dehydrated, famished, and probably a hop, skip, and a jump away from falling ill or quitting (whichever comes first, right?). We’re turning into zombies and pod-people—tiny shells of our previous existence. Okay, okay…maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here, but when we stop and take a moment to breathe and reflect deeply, we can start to see and feel what we’ve often been ignoring. And as I sit and consider my own thoughts and feelings, I can’t help but think about yours: how do the students feel?

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