Motivational Monday: You’re the One


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A week and a day ago, I had the most surprising and empowering honor of attending President Obama’s Farewell Address. It all happened so quickly, and to be honest, I’m still reeling and processing it all. It’s one thing to hear him speak on television or the radio. It’s an entirely different experience to be in his presence. The energy in that room, as large and overwhelming as it was, was palpable, positive, and moving. Between the President’s heartfelt greeting and emotional thank yous to First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, there were plenty of shouts from the audience begging the POTUS for another term. “FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!” Each sentiment growing louder than the last.

obamafarewellThere was a sense of urgency among the crowd. We needed him to carry us through what feels like a darker and more dangerous time than my generation and I had ever faced before. To our call, the POTUS responded, “I can’t do that.” It’s true, eight years is enough, and what’s even truer is that he can’t be our leader forever, no one can. We keep searching and waiting for someone to step up and be the leader we need. Surprise! Tag, we’re it. And the POTUS agrees. He used his platform, his farewell address, to encourage us to pick up the torch and keep moving, keep fighting, keep organizing. His infinite hope in us, in America, in mankind probably feels a little unbearable and even unrealistic at times, but I believe it is this same unwavering hopefulness that can and will carry us through any obstacle we face. And it is this same hopefulness that was and still is reflected in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Dear Kermit: Grumpy in Greenfield

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Hi, K!

I am in dire need of your advice!

There is a person who I cannot stand. What I mean is that every time I hear them breathe I wish they would stop, and every time they speak I can’t help but notice that what they’ve said was extremely stupid. All this in mind I can’t ignore this person, because my schedule makes it impossible to avoid regular interaction with them. What do I do! They have stolen my chocolate bar, and lied about not doing it! I know this seems like I am VERY much over-reacting, and I admit I am; However the hate that this small act has generated, has led me to unintentionally attack others, and is a testament to how much I loathe this person. Yes, I am over-reacting about a small thing, but I am sick of this person lying, and getting away with it.

In the past the person had told me extremely terrible things, which I know now to be lies, and currently she claims to never have told me the lies in the first place. Please please please, a penny for your advice (OR MORE). I know I must be the better person, but I can’t help but cringe with hatred whenever they walk in the room. I’m sure this feeling has miraculously become innate and there’s no way of changing it. I guess I’m asking in general, how can I teach myself to not hold grudges against her, (for both our sakes) so that I won’t have to live in anger all the time? Again please help.Thanks for time and consideration!

Grumpy in Greenfield.

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