Wellness Wednesday: Essential Oils

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Did you know our sense of smell is tied most closely to our memories? Or that it’s our most powerful sense? Better yet, did you know there is a link between smell and our overall health? Smelling essential oils, in particular, have great benefits that go beyond smelling something pleasant when we get a whiff of something…not so pleasant. From helping us sleep and relax to improving our skin and digestion, essential oils can positively affect us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Companies like dōTERRA and Young Living have great starter kits that make it easy to grab when you’re on-the-go! Each range in price, so if you’d like to make your own essential oil kit, here are six essential oils and benefits to help get you started:

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Wellness Wednesday (Mother’s Day Edition): DIY Lavender Bath Salt and Scrub

Happy Wednesday, friends. Apologies for the late post, but I can guarantee this video is worth the wait! If you’ve turned on the television or radio, I’m sure you’ve been inundated with so many advertisements attempting to convince you to buy your mom some flowers, chocolates, a card, etc., and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, those options can be a bit pricey and have an expiration date (have you tried to keep flowers alive after one week? geez…IMPOSSIBLE)! So, if you’ve realized the usual Mother’s Day gifts just won’t cut it this year and you want to give the special woman in your life something to help her relax, detox, feel better and look better, try out this quick, easy, and inexpensive DIY project. Bonus: You get to use it, too! How are you celebrating your mom? Comment below!

To make the Bath Salts, you’ll need:
1-2 cups of Epsom Salt
1-2 cups of Baking Soda
4-20 droplets of Lavender Essential Oil (the more, the merrier)

To make the Bath Scrub, you’ll need:
1-2 cups of Epsom Salt
2 cups of Coconut Oil
20-50 droplets of Lavender Essential Oil (again, the more, the merrier)

Total Supplies:
Measuring Cup
Small Bowl

Card Stock
Fancy Pen
Hot Glue Gun (to glue card stock to twine)