Dear Kermit: Conflicted in Connecticut

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Dear Kermit,

It’s a classic conflict. You find yourself in a place you love; a place that has embraced you and made you feel at home. The people you have met quickly found places in your heart and become family. This place is truly special and you know it, and you could stay in this place forever and be happy, but there’s something within you that wants more. In my case, it’s about college. I chose my current school because I knew it was full of incredible people, and I knew I would feel incredibly comfortable on campus. I sacrificed the field I was interested in studying in order to have an easier transition and because I was scared of string [sic] from what i [sic] knew, but now that I am here, I realize that I have an internal dilemma I am dealing with. Do I want to be comfortable and happy now, or do I want to transfer and study what I actually want to study.

I guess the umbrella question I’m asking is: how do you decide whether to stay comfortable or move on and strive higher. And how do [sic] deal with cutting ties with all you loved about where you were?


Conflicted in Connecticut

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Kermit Says: Be an Effective Communicator

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 We’re living in an era where capturing moments using our phones is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us.

April and May are very busy times for teachers and students alike. It’s a time of developing and completing end-of-the-year assignments, finding the perfect prom and graduation outfits, and planning a well-deserved summer break. With so much left to do in your own lives, it often feels like there’s very little time for anything or anyone else. Friends and colleagues you’d see everyday now seem like ghosts of people you used to know. In the last few weeks, I’ve even heard stories of how busy husbands, busy wives, and even busy siblings don’t see or talk to each other for nearly a week…and they live together! Similarly, have you ever walked passed a friend and asked them how they’re doing, only to continue walking as they respond? Or vice versa? I can admit it’s happened recently more often than not, which makes me wonder: are we that busy that we can’t even greet one another and…talk?

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Kermit Says: Be a Fighter

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As a boarding school teacher, I’m required to wear different hats for various occasions and in various spaces. For instance, in the dorm, I can be a parental figure tucking them in and wishing them a goodnight’s sleep; in the classroom, I am their “faithful guide” helping them see beyond their text and make solid connections; and on the field, I am their biggest cheerleader coaching them through victorious wins and tough losses. There are a number of other roles I’m bound to play at a moment’s notice, and I constantly have to be on my toes ready to tackle whatever comes next—and this weekend would be no exception.

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Kermit Says: Be Eager

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As a teacher, I have a number of daily responsibilities: to ensure my students have the fundamentals of reading, writing, analysis, and critical thinking; to guarantee their mental, emotional, and physical safety at all times; and to broaden their horizons. While these are essential aspects of my job, they are not at the core; they are not the most important responsibilities, and they are not the rationale behind why I get up and do what I do every single day. No. Motivating, inspiring, and empowering my kids to believe in themselves and to help them find and follow their passions—to be eager—that’s what drives me.

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