Motivational Monday: Whale You Be Your Valentine?


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Happy Motivational Monday, friends! Oh, to be in love! The flowers, the candles, the chocolates, and heartfelt notes of adoration and appreciation, and what better day to receive such gifts from your significant other or Galentine than on Valentine’s Day, right? Wrong! The problem isn’t necessarily Valentine’s Day, but the closer I get to this “holiday,” I can’t help but wonder 1) Why do we wait one day a year to go out of our way to do something special for the person or people we love most and 2) Why do we spend so much time and energy on someone else’s needs and then neglect our own? So, since we’re celebrating V-Day in the States tomorrow, I’m encouraging you to take this day (and every day thereafter) to do something to show yourself some love. Read on for tips on how to be your own Valentine!

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Wellness Wednesday: Stress-Free Mornings

If you’re a fully-functioning human being, you probably know that getting up in the morning can be a massive, stressful struggle (especially if it’s a Monday). I think, however, if you come up with a plan routine, you can figure out what works best for you to reduce your stress, evoke peace, and boost your confidence so you can tackle whatever life throws your way. Stuck in traffic? Peace. Pop quiz? Peace. Demanding parents? Peace.

The National Institute on Mental Health indicates that routine, traumatic, or sudden stress can cause serious health problems, including anxiety, depression, and other mental and physical illness. Check out how I start my mornings to ensure a stress-free day, and comment below with what you do!