Motivational Monday: Remember Who You Are

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One of my favorite contemporary poets recently posted some beautiful words of wisdom and comfort on her Instagram that I think are worth sharing:

“Even when you feel like the world has let you down, please remember who you are and what you stand for.”- Alex Elle

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Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Friday Findings


Happy Friday, friends! It seems like now more than ever we need something fun, funny, creative, happy, and positive to counter all the negativity occurring in the world. Therefore, this couldn’t be a better time to bring back “Kermit’s Cup of Tea: Friday Findings,” where each week I’ll share my favorite finds from the week. If you stumble across something worth sharing and want to see it up on the blog, feel free to comment below or send an email to We’d love to hear from you!

Now, let the countdown begin:

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Wellness Wednesday: Moving On After Election Day

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Dearest friends,

Today is admittedly a difficult and confusing day. I’d much rather be at home, tucked away in the safety and comfort of my bed, than at work, and I’m sure so many of you feel similarly. I woke up yesterday morning optimistic and confident in a “Clinton” win. Why the quotation marks? I didn’t believe in Hillary Clinton the candidate, but I did believe in her and the Democratic party’s beliefs and ideals. I think of First Lady Michelle Obama’s beautiful speech on acting with decency, on being a good human being. I think of all of the progress the Obama Administration has made towards same-sex marriage and women’s rights. Of course no administration is perfect, but I knew we were all heading in the right direction…a direction that pointed towards greater freedom, justice, and equality for all. Where the pursuit of happiness wasn’t just a dream for some, but a reality for everyone. Perhaps this was all too optimistic, too much of an ideal, but I believed that if we kept pressing on, we would continue to see better and brighter days for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.

I try to keep religion and politics separate from the work I do as a teacher and a blogger, but I think it would be irresponsible and, quite frankly, unrealistic to expect me not to weigh in here. I write this post knowing there are some people who are over the moon, pleased and excited about last night’s election results, but I also know there are others who are feeling deflated and devastated. This has been one of the most bizarre elections. Between the ebb and flow of debates, political ads, SNL skits, and analytical news correspondents, the election has brought out the absolute worst in people. Whether we want to admit it or not, it has taken an emotional toll on each of us. Hillary Clinton has officially conceded. Donald Trump has made his victory speech. And now that it’s finally over, what do we do? Well, we make time and room to care for ourselves. But how?

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