Kermit Says: Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

motivational poster quote LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF COMFORT ZONE
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At my previous school I was charged to deliver an invocation at one of our faculty meetings. My words never left that room…until now. And whether you are a teacher, student, adult, or teen, I hope these words and my challenge will speak to you in the same way it did my colleagues three years ago.

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Kermit Says: Lean In

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From race and sexuality to class and religion and everything in between, it can be really challenging to push yourself to have these difficult, mature, respectful conversations. For many, these topics are heavy, emotionally charged, and deeply personal. Of course it makes sense to steer clear of such conversations, and quite frankly, it’s the easy thing to do. Who wants to offend others? Who wants to be judged based on their political and/or moral beliefs? Who wants to second guess everything they were taught and, in turn, the very people who imparted such knowledge? No one ever wants to be that guy, but think about all the good that’s come from folks who were courageous enough to stand up and spark lively conversations about challenging topics: Angela DavisTim WiseJane Adams. Jimmy Carter. Marian Wright Edelman. Cesar Chavez. Helen Keller. Nelson Mandela. Gloria Steinem. Howard Zinn. And the list of fearless folks goes on and on and on. Again, the work they did and conversations they started were overwhelmingly difficult, and yet they were also—and more importantly—life changing. They leaned into the discomfort, and so should you!

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