Dear Kermit: Friends or Family?

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Dear Kermit: Todd in Thailand

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Dear Kermit,

Currently, I am living half way across the globe from you are; however, I am in need of an advice. A couple years back I was attending a prestigious preparatory boarding school in the New England area, and as it turns out I made some bad choices that I was not able to fix. I did not think of the consequences before I chose to commit those mistakes  and now I have to live with it. My parents thought it would be best for me to return home and continue my studies here. Eventhough I am doing a lot better now academically, I still feel like I don’t have my parent’s full trust. My dad really want me to transfer back to an American university after my freshman year here in Thailand, but my mom does not believe that she can send me abroad again because she’s afraid I would make the same mistake. I know that there are a lot of temptations when it comes to college life, but I just want both my parents to fully support me and believe that I can, once again, live on my own. How do I make them believe that I am a changed person, that I can resist the temptations before me? Thank you and I really do miss you Ms. K.

Todd in Thailand

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