Kermit Says: Be a COACH!!!!!!

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Crush ‘em! Kill ‘em! Gooooooooooooo!!! Fight!!!! Win!!!!

If you’ve ever been to any sporting event, I’m sure you’ve heard these or similar sentiments shouted from sidelines and stadium stands. The anxiety and adrenaline simultaneously rise within you. You feel your blood rushing through your veins and your heart bursting through your chest as your home team crosses the finish line, scores the winning goal, or makes a final touchdown—but what happens when they lose? Do you drop them like a hot potato or approach the situation with a “you’ll-get-‘em-next-time” mentality? The same questions can be asked at non-sporting events. When faced with a tough loss, how do you remain hopeful and optimistic? How do you keep searching for the sunshine when you may be in the middle of a storm? And how do you encourage others to do the same? Coach.

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