Tuesday Tunesday: Holiday Hits


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Have a holly jolly Christmas! It’s the best time of the year–or at least I think so! As much as I love the fall, Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday season, and what’s not to love? The beautiful decor, the festive films, and, most importantly, the feel-good tunes. I don’t know about you, but holiday music puts me in the most wonderful mood! Sure, there are a few songs that have become overplayed and clichéd, but the essence of every song is ultimately the same, and while presents are awesome (I mean, who doesn’t like to receive gifts?), holiday songs remind us of the real reason behind this holiday season: to spread peace on earth and joy to the world. So, whether you’re feeling like a Grinch or have been blasting holiday music since Thanksgiving (like me), hopefully these contemporary and traditional tunes will have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree in no time!

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Kermit Says: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, friends! While I encourage you to shower your friends and family with love and appreciation throughout the year (especially with non-monetary gifts), I understand that holidays (and birthdays) are oftentimes the perfect opportunities to give and receive presents. Can you believe we’re just two short weeks away from Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa? So, if you’re still wondering what to get your friends, here’s a list of great, budget-friendly gifts for teens. What’s more is that each gift serves a special purpose in boosting your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Does it get any better than that? Take a look, and please share your gift ideas below!

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Kermit Says: Quick Christmas Gift Guide

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If you’re like me (and most people), you’ve probably got some more last minute Christmas shopping to do in a very short amount of time (yikes!). If this sounds even remotely like you, don’t panic—I’ve got you covered. Check out these quick, easy, and affordable recommendations that will certainly brighten up anyone’s Christmas morning!

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Kermit Says: Give Peace, Love, and Joy

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon radio stations playing 24-hours of Christmas tunes (NSYNCs Christmas album, anyone?), seen a myriad of commercials informing your Christmas wish lists (gotta love those Apple and Coca-Cola commercials), and wasted countless hours watching Christmas-themed films (It’s a Wonderful Life and Elf are among my favorites)! It’s so easy to get brain washed around the holidays, so easy to forget the true reason for the season.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, don’t get caught up in the presents, but be presentbe in the moment.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, don’t get caught up in the gifts, but be a gift to someone else…give love.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, don’t get caught up in the lights, but be the light in someone else’s life.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, don’t get caught up in the man, but in the Mancelebrate God’s promises.

And whatever holiday you celebrate, don’t get caught up in what society sells you, but listen to your heart for Christmas lives inside of you. 

So, instead of letting (only) the presents under the tree bring you happiness, focus on giving and receiving what money can’t buy: peace, love, and joy!

Kermit Says: I’m Here For You

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I love the holiday season! It’s a time when folks can go home, reconnect with family and friends, and reflect on both the challenges and blessings of the season.

But with so much happening in the world, it’s also pretty easy to see how and why the holidays can be a time filled with great sadness and pain. It can be a time when people don’t feel cared for or loved. A time when people feel lonely, poor, discouraged, inadequate, and depressed. We get so bogged down by the negatives and the crazy cards that life can often present that we lose sight of what really matters, we lose hope and faith in ourselves and the world around us. We forget about our own well-being and the well-being of others. Don’t.

You may not feel loved, but you are because I love you.

You may not feel wealthy, but you are wealthy with the riches money can’t buy.

You may feel lonely, but you’re not for He is always with you.

You may feel inadequate, but you were made in His image and are destined for greatness.

Don’t give up or let this holiday season get you down– let it build you up instead.

And if you ever feel like you’re by yourself and need someone to talk to, someone to bring you good tidings or give you peace, comfort, and love, I’m here for you.