Wellness Wednesday: Avocado Salad

img_6676Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! How are we feeling at this midway point of the week and the first day of February (can you believe it)? I’ve been feeling so heavy lately–partly because of all that’s been going on in the world and partly because of all the junk I’ve been consuming. Actually, the two are more intertwined than I initially thought. When I’m literally feeling weighed down by stress, I have a tendency to weigh myself down and eat things I shouldn’t like entire pizzas, cartons of ice cream, and burgers galore, and to say this has been a stressful and overwhelming time feels like a bit of an understatement. So instead of reaching for an unhealthy and unfulfilling meal, I try to whip up something quick, easy, and nutritious like this Avocado Salad (it’s vegan, too!).
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